Skin of Paint

Skin demarcates the boundary of our physical selves.  As an image, I like its familiarity – its ‘realness’.  My recent work has evolved from close – up observational studies of the face and body.  Each painting represents an imagined area of skin in magnification, (approximately 1 to 2 inches).  The spectrum of color and tonal combinations possible within this limited view of skin is immense,  as I explore skin of all colors and how it is revealed by light.

Cool, warm, transparent and opaque hues are blended together quickly to create an illusion of a depth of field that is spatially ambiguous and can make the surface of the body resemble landscape and an infinitely larger world.  I attempt to bring together the realistic image of skin with the illusion that the painting itself is a three dimensional, spherical object.  Surface detail and spacious expanse are held in a precarious balance.  The membrane of oil paint is brought into focus,  creating a ‘skin of paint’ literally while simultaneously conveying the illusion of human skin.  Moles, feathery lines and scars make the skin seem real yet also resemble stars, planets and ‘landing points’ on the semi- translucent membrane.

The skin is displayed so magnified and curved that its almost as if you are looking into the inside of your own eyes or paradoxically,  the curve of the earth from a distant vantage point.  They are presented on oval and circular formats partly to reflect the way we see through the retinas of our eyes and also to create a sense of a complete universe within this area of focus.

April 2016




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